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Commodities are an important gauge of worldwide supply and demand. Different communities have different cultures, different body physics & different demands for products specifications. Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd., A renowned manufacturer of medical consumables, supplies different commodities according to their needs & market. EMPL is taking care of communities worldwide with the multicultural and skilled expertise technocrats team for manufacturing customized products.

Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading global partners that is endeavoring for Human Health & Exporting our products in more than 74 countries. Global Growth of EMPL is the Result of Our Core Products, our value added services & our highly efficient global partners.

EMPL’s registration & regulatory technicals available for world’s Top regulatories includes ANVISA, DIGEMID, Yemen MOH, NMRA, DDA, PPB, NAFDAC, MDA, AMDD.

Asia, Africa, Europe, GCC, CIS, North America, South America, Central America

Diversity is the art of thinking independently together. Our Diversity is our strength because we believe “Strength lies In differences not in similarities”. EMPL’s workplace is perceived as diverse and having the highest level of employee engagement. As a Leading Exporter of Medical Devices Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. Working with different cultured people, So that our state of being diverse strengthens the relationship when we Join hands with multicultural people

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Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. , a leading medical device manufacturer of India, provides OEM facility for our clients who are looking to develop their own brands. EMPL is a renowned OEM manufacturer of India. EMPL offers customized OEM services to worldwide clients according to their respective market. Our OEM handling team has expertise to fulfil customized orders.