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EMPL is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hemodialysis Catheter From India.

The MARK Hemodialysis Catheter offers high flow & Optimal performance. MARK has color coded luer-lock hubs, Luer-lock caps & Flexible suture wings. MARK Hemodialysis Catheter is Compatible with a broad spectrum of antiseptic agents, including alcohol and iodine. Soft, flexible & atraumatic tip designed for less thrombus accumulation during insertion without use of peel away sheath. Clear silicone extension line offers clear visibility of blood and withstands repeated clamping & de-clamping.

Product Code Lumen Catheter Size Catheter Length (cm) Shape of Extension Tube
MKCS0705S Single Lumen 7Fr 5 Straight
MKCS0705C Curved
MKCS0708S Single Lumen 7Fr 8 Straight
MKCS0708C Curved
MKCS0713S Single Lumen 7Fr 13 Straight
MKCS0713C Curved
MKCS0716S Single Lumen 7Fr 16 Straight
MKCS0716C Curved
MKCS0720S Single Lumen 7Fr 20 Straight
MKCS0720C Curved
MKCS0805S Single Lumen 8Fr 5 Straight
MKCS0805C Curved
MKCS0808S Single Lumen 8Fr 8 Straight
MKCS0808C Curved
MKCS0810S Single Lumen 8Fr 10 Straight
MKCS0810C Curved
MKCS0813S Single Lumen 8Fr 13 Straight
MKCS0813S Curved
MKCS0816S Single Lumen 8Fr 16 Straight
MKCS0816C Curved
MKCS0820S Single Lumen 8Fr 20 Straight
MKCS0820C Curved
Product Code Lumen Catheter Size Catheter Length (cm) Shape of Extension Tube
MKCD6505S Double Lumen 6.5Fr 5 Straight
MKCD6505C Curved
MKCD6508S Double Lumen 6.5Fr 8 Straight
MKCD6508C Curved
MKCD6510S Double Lumen 6.5Fr 10 Straight
MKCD6510C Curved
MKCD6513S Double Lumen 6.5Fr 13 Straight
MKCD6513C Curved
MKCD6516S Double Lumen 6.5Fr 16 Straight
MKCD6516C Curved
MKCD6520S Double Lumen 6.5Fr 20 Straight
MKCD6520C Curved
MKCD8505S Double Lumen 8.5Fr 5 Straight
MKCD8505C Curved
MKCD8508S Double Lumen 8.5Fr 8 Straight
MKCD8508C Curved
MKCD8510S Double Lumen 8.5Fr 10 Straight
MKCD8510C Curved
MKCD8513S Double Lumen 8.5Fr 13 Straight
MKCD8513C Curved
MKCD8516S Double Lumen 8.5Fr 16 Straight
MKCD8516C Curved
MKCD8520S Double Lumen 8.5Fr 20 Straight
MKCD8520C Curved
MKCD11513S Double Lumen 11.5Fr 13 Straight
MKCD11513C Curved
MKCD11516S Double Lumen 11.5Fr 16 Straight
MKCD11516C Curved
MKCD11520S Double Lumen 11.5Fr 20 Straight
MKCD11520C Curved
MKCD11525S Double Lumen 11.5Fr 25 Straight
MKCD11525C Curved
MKCD1213S Double Lumen 12Fr 13 Straight
MKCD1213C Curved
MKCD1216S Double Lumen 12Fr 16 Straight
MKCD1216C Curved
MKCD1220S Double Lumen 12Fr 20 Straight
MKCD1220C Curved
MKCD1413S Double Lumen 14Fr 13 Straight
MKCD1413C Curved
MKCD1416S Double Lumen 14Fr 16 Straight
MKCD1416C Curved
MKCD1420S Double Lumen 14Fr 20 Straight
MKCD1420C Curved
Product Code Lumen Catheter Size Catheter Length (cm) Shape of Extension Tube
MKCT1213S Triple Lumen 12Fr 13 Straight
MKCT1213C Curved
MKCT1216S Triple Lumen 12Fr 16 Straight
MKCT1216C Curved
MKCT1220S Triple Lumen 12Fr 20 Straight
MKCT1220C Curved