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EMPL is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Spinal Needle.

Stake Spinal needle is available with an introducer which guides excellent and also more advantageous due to its inner needle which prevents a biopsy effect. Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is leader in both quincke & pencil point spinal needles

  • Highly suitable for spinal anaesthesia lumbar puncture.
  • Conical needle tip with no sharp edges offers effortless puncture that minimises the risk of post-spinal headache.
  • Lateral outlet opening facilitates anaesthetic introduction at 45° angle.
  • Transparent base offers easy check for reflux of spinal fluid.
  • Needle hub is ergonomically designed for ease of adjustment.
  • Specially designed needle with lateral opening and fitted mandrel precludes the biopsy effect during puncture, making pencil point superior than others.
  • Manufactured from optimum-quality steel material, with a thin-walled cannula
  • Colour-coded grip according to needle size as per international standard for easy Identification.

Quincke Spinal Needle is widely applicable and most suitable for lumbar puncture and for occipital aspiration.

Stake Spinal needles are used for lumbar puncture for spinal anaesthesia or diagnostic puncture of the spinal canal. Quincke tip with double bevel offers effortless puncture and minimises the risk of post-spinal headache. Stake’s transparent base makes it easy to check for reflux of fluid.

Stake is manufactured from optimum-quality steel material, with a thin-walled cannula. Stake Spinal Needles are colour-coded grip according to needle size as per international standard for easy Identification & ease of operation.

STAKE Pencil point Spinal needle has more and essential advantage over the quincke point spinal needle. STAKE Pencil point needle has a lateral hole through which the anesthetic is delivered into the spinal space which makes this type safer for patients. The STAKE Pencil point needle is therefore to be preferred by beginners practitioner doctors to well experienced doctors.

Type Size Length Product Code
Quincke Point 22G 90 MM SSN2290Q
Quincke Point 23G 90 MM SSN2390Q
Quincke Point 24G 90 MM SSN2490Q
Quincke Point 25G 90 MM SSN2590Q
Quincke Point 26G 90 MM SSN2690Q
Quincke Point 27G 90 MM SSN2790Q
Pencil Point 22G 90 MM SSN2290P
Pencil Point 23G 90 MM SSN2390P
Pencil Point 24G 90 MM SSN2490P
Pencil Point 25G 90 MM SSN2590P
Pencil Point 26G 90 MM SSN2690P
Pencil Point 27G 90 MM SSN2790P

  • For Single Use Only
  • Sterilization : EO