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EMPL is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Skin Stapler From India.

Human body skin has three layers. Upper layer is called epidermis, the second layer is the dermis & subcutaneous fat is the bottom layer of the Skin. STICKIN Disposable Skin Stapler offers Wound Closure, the final stage of surgery that closes the epidermis layer of the skin. The STICKIN Skin Stapler has angled opening & marking at center for alignment that helps to save time & facilitates less trauma.

The STICKIN Disposable Skin Stapler is an innovative instrument for precise skin suturing. STICKIN has the advantages of quick speed of sewing up with its novel structure and application security during surgical procedure with No Jamming Technology. STICKIN Disposable Skin Stapler enables clinicians to work with higher efficiency and also avoid cross-infection effectively during Rush in Operation Theaters.

The STICKIN is Specially designed for ease of operation with visible cartridge to check remaining stapler pins.The STICKIN has bold markings at 15/25/35 staple alignment that assist surgeons during the procedure. One click fire offers quick & smooth stapling.STICKIN is designed ergonomically that fits in the surgeon's hand for comfortable & easy suturing.

The STICKIN Disposable Skin Stapler Extractor is also available in Plastic & Metal.

Product Description Product Code
Disposable Skin Stapler 35 W SDSS35W
Skin Stapler Extractor Plastic/Metal SDSR35W