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Career AT Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

If you are seeking to be successful in your career and have a passion to be part of mankind, you are at the right place. Joining EMPL is the opportunity to fly high and chase your dreams with personal developments. Join Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. team and make a remarkable difference towards mankind. Currently we have a dedicated team of 150+ employees who work for EMPL with the goal to upgrade healthcare. Our aim is to hire people and develop them to be a pioneer in making the difference in lives with teamwork, efficiency and promises.

Join Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. if you want to develop your career in the Medical Device Industry. We offer remarkable salaries, medical benefits, internships and growth in career with the rich opportunity to learn. We also offer incentive schemes for our domestic and international sales workforce.

Additional benefit of working with Edges Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is the natural location & workplace in a clean & clear environment.

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International marketing
To Develop Overseas Businesses
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