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The SASH is a radial artery compression device used to maintain hemostasis of arterial percutaneous access sites. Clear & Transparent ensures complete visual control from start to finish of procedure. The Sash radial artery compression device is available with dual compression balloons provide precise compression of the radial artery to ensure blood return-without compromising local nerve structure. It’s Ergonomic design makes it easy to use & handle. Edges’s SASH radial compression device is also available in Free Style.

  • The SASH Radial Compression Device is a single use disposable device used to assist in gaining and maintaining hemostasis of the radial and ulnar artery following catheterization procedures.
Type Description Product Code
Clear Strip 20 ml / 24 mm SS24CS
Clear Strip 20 ml / 28 mm SS28CS
Free Style 20 ml SSFS