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The Amble-HTM Inflation Device provides high quality pressure sensing element gives clear visibility even at extremes of pressure. Precise graduation for error minimization & perceptible reading on grid and barrel. The AmbleTM offers 30 ATM angled analogue pressure gauge with variant capacity. The AmbleTM Inflation Device ensures accurate repeatability of the measurements for several times. More than 0.1 million Amble-HTM Inflation Device has been used worldwide. The Amble-HTM Inflation Devices offers one handed, easy deflation at high pressure also.

  • The AmbleTM Inflation Device is used to inflate and deflate PTCA Balloon or other interventional device and to measure the pressure within the balloon.
Type Description Product Code
Hybrid Type 20 ml, 30 atm/bar with Stopcock AMB2030H
Hybrid Type 25 ml, 30 atm/bar with Stopcock AMB2530H
Hybrid Type 30 ml, 30 atm/bar with Stopcock AMB3030H